28 January 2011


Kids eh?

Is it me or do they want to just grow up far too quickly these days? Or at least LOOK more grown up.

You walk down any high street in London (and I'm sure across the wider UK and perhaps the rest of the Western World) and you'll see barely teenage girls in clothes more suited to a nightclub than a classroom/shopping mall.

Why are they so determined to look older?

I remember when I was their age, all I cared about was playing football and getting home to play some Gran Turismo or International Superstar Soccer Pro (known now as Pro Evoluton Soccer) or whatever else I had on my old PlayStation.

I don't mean to come across as prim and proper at all...it's just when I was a kid I was entirely pre-occupied with being a kid! Perhaps it's a boy thing, but if the girls in my class were dressed for a night out in Oceana I certainly didn't notice!! And to make matters worse, they smoke from such an early age that it just strikes me as pure idiocy, and the people providing these kids with cigarettes should be locked up for child abuse or something...

Is it because the clothes are widely available? I don't think so. I saw a BBC Panorama investigation into the matter that showed most shops don't stock what could be construed as revealing or 'overly sexy' clothes for kids...which begs the question: where do they get them from? But that's not what I'm interested in.

Perhaps it's due to the increased sexualisation of life: cars are advertised in a 'sexy' way; pop-music videos are very suggestive, and the lyrics are oftentimes outright blatant. I'm not beating up on this...as my last post says: I love pretty much all music. But I'm older and wiser than a 14 year old boy who hears his favourite rapper talking about what he did with a girl he met in a club...and I know how competitive 14 year old boys are when it comes to...well...anything. ESPECIALLY sex.

I'm not saying that anything should be done about this, and I'm certainly not suggesting some sort of ban on dressing how you like, but it just seems like kids and early teenagers want to be the same age as me now...but I can think of nothing more dull, dreary, and tiresome.

I want to be a school kid again...they have Power Rangers........

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